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I'm Sam, the founder of Dear Writer, this who we are and how we came to be.

Journaling has been my saving grace. I spent most of my young adult life battling with addiction and dealing with trauma. Writing became a great source of strength for me, it was a tool I was introduced to in the early days of my recovery and it stuck with me. I now use it as a way of maintaining my overall wellbeing. 


 Dear Writer's story started in June 2020. Realising how journaling was helping me through the daily uncertainty of the first lockdown we faced I set about making some guided journaling practices to share with friends.

The practice was based on my own writing routine, a gratitude list, some daily prompts and weekly reflections.

A campaign was launched in October on Kickstarter to raise funds for the first print run of a journal with six weeks worth of guided pages and one month later we had successfully raised all the funds we needed with over one hundred copies of the journal pre-ordered. We could not have produced our first print run if not for the generous support of the backers of our campaign. Their names are listed below and for their support, I will always be grateful.


With the help of our talented designers at Work Till Late studios the journals were crafted into what you see here.

We published The Six Week Journal on the 21st of December 2020 and have also donated over 100 copies of the One Week Journal - read more about our community support here: 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the journals.

Happy writing,

Sam x

A special thanks to the supporters of our Kickstarter campaign

Adriana MacCormack

Robert Naylor

Jo Clark

James Naylor

Jack & Jo Ferris-Weightman

Jennifer Collins

Charlotte Kahn

Geoff MacCormack

Liam and Kate Whittaker-Domashenko

Luke Ramm

Tom Bothwell

Peter & Caren Topley



Laila Milborrow

Pippa Lyons, Reuben Fourt-Wells

Tamara Mennell, Amy Richardson, Black Kite Studios

Daniel Heuser Prestes

Timothy Branche

Aisling Callaghan

Sarah Cayzer

Emma Harvey

Nancy Therrien

Zena Kamash

Susan Ogden

Max Fisher

James Taylor & Majella O'Connell

William Cattigan

Joshua Charles

Lindsay Wilson

John Miyasato

Kate Mercury

Jamie Renwick

Siranie VP

Desiree Bors

Sue Fujimoto

Matt Read

Louie Voigt

Jenni Evans

Coralie McKeivor

Lilly Ibelo

Alan and Margaret Thornton


Sarah Jones

Calum Foskett

Rebecca T. Barber

Dr. Tangela Roberts

Tim Marshall

Victoria Maxa

Kathleen Kralowec

Daisy Mellors


Joseph Taussig

Jonas Skafte

Suzanne Oatway

Amber Towers

Margaret Scheiner

Monica Coll (IG: @mambovida)

‘Lord’ Joseph Timothy Moloney

Caroline Allen


Mike Topley

Alex Read

Emma Habershon

Lisa O’Donnell

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